x-Art Tiffany

x-Art Tiffany Thompson is the #1 rated model in the members area on their entire site. With over 2500 votes, she has 9.5 stars out of 10!? I think you’ll agree she’s as hot as the sun.

Tiffany is 18 years old and hails from Southern California. She is the picture of nubile beauty, the perfect round ass, innocent eyes with the freckles of that knock kneed tomboy that we all knew growing up. You know the one, rough and tough on the outside but when you both got to high school she was all you thought about. Round natural breasts that jiggle with every step and did we mention that smile? Wait until you see x-Art Tiffany wrap that smile around a nice hard cock.

Rarely do you see a natural beauty like Tiffany Thompson hop into the hardcore scene at just 18 years old, x-Art has truly delivered a rare beauty. Not much into hardcore? More into the lesbian girl on girl action? Well x-Art has you covered. What is better than two lesbian teens going down on eacy other? How about three? x-Art Caprice (aka Little Caprice) and x-Art Francesca hop into bed with Tiffany and there are female orgasms galore in this lesbian orgy.

Seriously, if these videos and pictures of Tiffany Thompson don’t have you so hard that your desk just lifted 5 inches you may want to look deep inside and question your own sexual tenancies. This is the definition of adult entertainment at its very highest level.

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