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Caprice and Clover Enchanting Real Orgasms

I don’t know what Caprice and Clover were checking out on Clover’s phone but I guess it seriously turned them on, because they started cuddling up close and making out in this X-art lesbian update! Now, keep in mind these are two of the most incredibly gorgeous women in the world, and they’re stripping each […]

Kiera in Late for Work

xart late for work kiera seth

If you’re anything like me you’ve been waiting and hoping for Kiera to perform in her first hardcore adult scene…well I’m more than pleased to tell you that it’s finally here! Kiera teamed up with Seth (who must be over the moon right about now) for this X-art update. Seth is going to be a […]

Bunny in Another Night

another night bunny x art

It’s not just another night for blonde spinner Bunny as she relaxes in bed in her lingerie, waiting for her man Logan to come to the bedroom…he’s got his book out but Bunny has other plans, kissing him passionately and stripping down nude to give him a hint as to what she’s got in mind! […]

Angelica Spilled Milk

There’s no use crying over spilled milk as gorgeous Angelica is drenched with the stuff! She gets milk poured all over her perfect nude body and it turns her on so much she just has to have her boyfriend inside her. First though, he’s busy pleasuring her pussy with his fingers while licking her tight […]

Beatrice two boys and a girl

x art beatrice two boys and a girl featured

Beautiful Beatrice was on vacation with her boyfriend when they started getting frisky by the resort pool…Beatrice was looking hot as hell in her little black bikini so I can’t blame the guy for getting his bone on when they started making out! She had always had a fantasy of having another guy join in […]

Lexi in Ready for Bed

It’s Lexi’s first time back at X-art in over 5 years but she is still as hot as ever, if not even more so! She’s getting ready for bed, but not exactly ready for sleep if you catch my meaning…she and her man Tyler aren’t quite ready for dreamtime yet! They kiss passionately before she […]

Lia in Black and White

black and white featured

This hardcore X-art update features Ray and the new model Lia, who just can’t keep their hands (and other things) off each other! It almost became a struggle to keep them from just forgetting the photoshoot was going on and letting their lustful passion overtake them completely…but it sure made for some sexy images! Watch […]

Mary and Anneli Afternoon Picnic

When two blondes as hot as Mary and Anneli both happen to be single and go out on an afternoon picnic together in a private little area you just know there’s going to be some fun times ahead! Sure enough, as soon as the blanket is spread out they start kissing, shyly at first but […]

Eufrat Angelica Deep Longing

deep longing eufrat angelica

Settle down and take a seat because these are seriously two of the hottest women on the planet and they’re finally doing a hot lesbian photoshoot together! Eufrat and gorgeous Angelica are both bisexual, both have supermodel-caliber looks and dream-caliber bodies with long lean legs, perky small tits and perfect asses. They both love men […]

Kristen in Working out Together

It’s pretty common knowledge that working out increases the sex drive since your blood and adrenaline get pumping good and hot…in this X-art update Kristen and her boyfriend have gone out on a run together in the park but when they find nobody around they get into another kind of workout! He pulls off her […]

Mira in Yoga Master and Student

I don’t know what it is about Yoga but it’s just sexy as hell to see a beautiful woman moving in harmony with her body and her spirit…in this sensual update we see the relationship between Yoga Master & Student as beautiful, flexible brunette Mira meets up with her teacher after practice, exploring his body […]

Angelica in A Little Rain Must Fall

a little rain must fall angelica

It was a chilly day outside so Angelica and her boyfriend decided to adjourn to the shower to warm up a bit…they have one of those huge steamy showers that are perfect for a lusty couple to meet up for some wet, wild fun! As soon as Angelica strolls into the room you can feel […]

Baby in Want You

When a girl as hot as blonde Baby from X-art looks you in the eye and says “I want you”, there’s not a whole lot you can do apart from give in and enjoy every delicious moment of the experience! In this hot hardcore update this guy is doing exactly that, laying back as Baby […]

Angie in Morning Desires

angie morning desires x art

Sometimes the first thing in the morning is the sexiest part of the day…I guess it depends on what kind of dreams you were having. Apparently Angie’s dreams were something pretty naughty, since the first thing she did when she woke up in this hot update from X-art was to start masturbating next to her […]

Ivy in Spur of the Moment

xart spur of the moment

Sometimes sex is the main event of an evening, something that is worked up to and prepared for…but sometimes sex can be spontaneous and spur of the moment and be just as hot! In this hot X-art update, beautiful Ivy aims to prove that with an impromptu fuck session with her lover in the kitchen. […]

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