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Connie in Romantic Memories

Romantic Memories with Connie

There’s nothing hotter than a passionate evening in front of the fire with the one you love or lust after, and X-art Connie knows that better than anyone! Join her and her man in this intimate fireside gallery entitled “Romantic Memories” as they get nude and let their passions overcome them, making love in all […]

Backdoor Baby with Linsay

Linsay in Backdoor Baby

19 year old Russian stunner Linsay wakes up in her favorite way…she has her panties pulled off and her pussy tongued, right before she gives a hot blowjob and then gets fucked in bed! I think she’d take that sort of breakfast over a cup of hot coffee any day of the week, judging by […]

Abby in One Night Stand

One Night Stand

Gorgeous blonde Abby met this guy just tonight and usually doesn’t do this sort of thing but the sparks were definitely flying between them…she took him back to her apartment and had the hottest one night stand of her life! Luckily the cameras were rolling for X-art so you get to see every detail of […]

Little Lover With Angel

Angel Little Lover

Angel is an exotic, gorgeous skinny teen with a penchant for riding cock as you can tell from this X-art gallery entitled Little Lover! She is indeed pretty little; I’m guessing maybe 80 pounds soaking wet but she certainly doesn’t act like it, throwing her weight around as she rides her boyfriend’s hard cock while […]

Slow Motion With Erica

Erica Slow Motion X Art

Sometimes when people are in the heat of passion you miss some of what’s going on…for instance take this gallery entitled Slow Motion, featuring blonde stunner X-art Erica as she climbs out of the pool and heads in for a nice deep massage. As she gets her perfect teen body rubbed down and caressed her […]

Lady Lovers With Kristen & Ivy

Lovely Lovers

Beautiful brunette Ivy was feeling a little lonely and horny so she was just hanging out at the house in her panties, thinking sexy thoughts…blonde stunner Kristen must have sensed her vibe because her pants disappeared and she joined Ivy for a little sexy indoor lesbian fun! What better way for these two lady lovers […]

Breakfast In Bed With Grace

Breakfast In Bed

When I think of the perfect morning it is pretty much exactly what happens to some lucky dude in this hot gallery from X-art…beautiful blonde Grace shows up wearing just her thong panties and brings him breakfast in bed, then pushes the tray aside and gives his cock a good working over with her tongue […]

Brooklyn Evening At Home Part 2

Evening At Home Party 2

X-art Brooklyn isn’t one of those waifish stickfigure models who looks like she’d break in half the first time you bent her over…she’s not fat or even chubby either, she’s basically just right! Look at her gorgeous womanly curves as she spends some quality intimate time on the couch with her guy friend in this […]

Wild At Heart With Silvie

Silvie Wild At Heart

This is one erotic gallery from X-Art this week it’s called Wild At Heart with a model we all know and love Silvie. Silvie comes down stairs to see her boyfriend just sitting there like a nerd reading a book so she decides to make a man out of him. She gets naked right there […]

Mutual Orgasm


Does that title say it all or what? This is an incredibly hot video clip of stunner X-art Tiffany fucking her boyfriend until they both come all over the place. You probably already know what a goddess Tiffany is, but if not let me clue you in…this teen temptress has some of the nicest tits […]

Threes Company With Anneli & Caprice

Threes Company

X-art Anneli and X-art Caprice are hanging out by the poolside wearing only their bikini bottoms which naturally turns them on enough that they start making out and feeling each other up and down…I guess they’re not pure lesbians though because they walk over and find some extremely lucky dude who they get naked with […]

Last Night With Leila

X Art Leila Last Night

Lovely X-art Leila knew what she wanted and man there was no stopping her from getting it last night in this sensual erotic hardcore gallery! Watch as this sexy beauty shares some intimate time with her man in bed, grabbing his cock to give him some oral loving and then leaning back and moaning as […]

How Deep Is My Love

X Art Connie How Deep Is My Love

Connie and her boyfriend are madly in love, and as we all know one of the best things about being crazy smitten is the constant sex! In this hot X-art gallery Connie and her guy take a nice sexy roll in the sheets together and invite you to have a front-row seat! This busty beauty […]

The Art of Anal


I swear, X-art Marie must be some kind of superhero or something…how else could someone take a deep dicking up that tight ass and still have a supermodel expression on her face?? It’s so easy to dive right into the ‘smut’ territory with explicit videos, especially something as taboo as hardcore anal sex, and yet […]

Angel Has A Seaside Romp

Seaside Romp Angel

You might think that some of these photos are just kinda blurry but in reality it’s just because Angel is working that cock so hard and so fast the camera just can’t keep up! Take a look at this gallery as lovely little raven-haired exotic cutie X-art Angel has a roll in the hay…well, a […]

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