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Highrise Rendezvous

Highrise Rendezvous With Sammy By XArt

The beautiful Sammy is back on X Art this time in a episode called Highrise Rendezvous. She is just working on her computer when her man walks up to her and nibbles on that sweet little neck of hers. He knows the spots that get her turned on. She drops her shirt and panties so […]

Brazilian Love Affair

Sammy in Brazilian Love Affair By X Art

This is a pretty cool video and I really wish you could do this in same place. So Sammy and her boyfriend are getting ready to leave Brazil but they decide to spend one more day and they’re making the most of it. So the call the front desk of the hotel and ask for […]

Go Fish

go fish

Get ready once again for the gorgeous duo of blonde hottie Sammy and stunning redhead Ashley in this new X-art update as they play a game of Go Fish! They’re having fun playing cards in their pajamas before bed but when their guy pal shows up he’s got better ideas…soon they’re all naked and getting […]

Paint Me Beautiful

paint me beautiful

Paint Me Beautiful, Sammy requests of her artist guy pal as she strips down, as if there’s any other way to paint this gorgeous girl. She loves being a muse but sometimes his passion for her body overcomes his passion for art and this X-art episode shows just such a time! He just can’t take […]

Surprise Surprise

surprise surprise

This guy is in for a very pleasant shock after gorgeous redhead Ashley covers his eyes in this X-art update called Surprise, Surprise! She removes her hands and he sees her hot blonde girlfriend Sammy strolling onto the bed, dropping her shirt and getting completely nude to join in the fun! This hot romantic tryst […]

Sex With Glasses

sex with glasses

Everyone knows sex with a blonde is pretty much the best, and sex with a nerdy geeky blonde? Even better! Sammy keeps her spectacles on in this X-art update called Sex With Glasses, whipping off her tshirt but keeping her panties on as she takes her lucky fella’s hard cock in her mouth, licking him […]

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