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Connie in Romantic Memories

Romantic Memories with Connie

There’s nothing hotter than a passionate evening in front of the fire with the one you love or lust after, and X-art Connie knows that better than anyone! Join her and her man in this intimate fireside gallery entitled “Romantic Memories” as they get nude and let their passions overcome them, making love in all […]

Backdoor Baby with Linsay

Linsay in Backdoor Baby

19 year old Russian stunner Linsay wakes up in her favorite way…she has her panties pulled off and her pussy tongued, right before she gives a hot blowjob and then gets fucked in bed! I think she’d take that sort of breakfast over a cup of hot coffee any day of the week, judging by […]

Abby in One Night Stand

One Night Stand

Gorgeous blonde Abby met this guy just tonight and usually doesn’t do this sort of thing but the sparks were definitely flying between them…she took him back to her apartment and had the hottest one night stand of her life! Luckily the cameras were rolling for X-art so you get to see every detail of […]

Little Lover With Angel

Angel Little Lover

Angel is an exotic, gorgeous skinny teen with a penchant for riding cock as you can tell from this X-art gallery entitled Little Lover! She is indeed pretty little; I’m guessing maybe 80 pounds soaking wet but she certainly doesn’t act like it, throwing her weight around as she rides her boyfriend’s hard cock while […]

Slow Motion With Erica

Erica Slow Motion X Art

Sometimes when people are in the heat of passion you miss some of what’s going on…for instance take this gallery entitled Slow Motion, featuring blonde stunner X-art Erica as she climbs out of the pool and heads in for a nice deep massage. As she gets her perfect teen body rubbed down and caressed her […]

Come from Behind

leony come from behind

Gorgeous blonde Leony was alone in the hallway, nude on the floor and masturbating like it was her last day on earth, to start out this X-art update! She was just waiting for her guy to wander into the room and as soon as he did he joined her, pinning her against the wall and […]

In Charge

carrie in charge

Some guys love to be in charge and Carrie was usually more than happy to let her boyfriend take the reins but today she was the one calling the shots! She put him on his back on the ground and sat over top of him, lowering her pussy onto his face for a little moustache […]

Breakfast In Bed With Grace

Breakfast In Bed

When I think of the perfect morning it is pretty much exactly what happens to some lucky dude in this hot gallery from X-art…beautiful blonde Grace shows up wearing just her thong panties and brings him breakfast in bed, then pushes the tray aside and gives his cock a good working over with her tongue […]

Brooklyn Evening At Home Part 2

Evening At Home Party 2

X-art Brooklyn isn’t one of those waifish stickfigure models who looks like she’d break in half the first time you bent her over…she’s not fat or even chubby either, she’s basically just right! Look at her gorgeous womanly curves as she spends some quality intimate time on the couch with her guy friend in this […]

Almost Famous

x art angelica in almost famous

Angelica might not be a full-blown celebrity yet but she’s almost famous! She certainly has the look of a celeb with that incredibly beautiful face and of course her tight toned body. In this X-art update she and her man Ben have been traveling around and staying at a hotel, and when he spies her […]

First Loves

x art first loves chelsea

Let’s take a look at the checklist, shall we? Teen girl, check…great ass, check…4’11” with D-cup natural breasts? Holy check, Batman! Say hello to Chelsea and bask in the glory of her incredible perfect boobs as she does her first hardcore scene with her actual boyfriend in this X-art update entitled First Loves. They might […]

Carmen Found Paradise

Carmen Paradise Found

Carmen from X-Art has finally found happiness getting fucked in this very erotic scene called Paradise Found. The setting is very erotic the sex even more so and Carmen’s natural orgasm the most out of anything I have ever seen! This couple goes to a dock with a bunch of houses surrounding a lake but […]

Love with a View

love with a view

Vicky was enjoying a vacation by the sea when she met up with Dylan, and they immediately hit it off in a big way…soon they found a little secluded spot on the beach for a nice intimate time together in this X Art update entitled Love with a View! Vicky lost her clothes and took […]

Blonde Ambition With Abby and Carla

Blonde Ambition

Here are two friends in real life their names are Abby and Carla and these two friends have always had a Blonde Ambition to share a cock together. X Art had no problems putting that together for them, and it ended up being one hot fuck scene just check it out for yourself, the video […]

Party Boat

party boat with gianna

It’s passion on the high seas as Gianna turns this pleasant afternoon sailboat cruise with her friends into a party boat scenario on X-art! She gets things jumping when she starts making out with one guy and loses her swimsuit, sucking his cock and then getting her pussy licked while the second guy snoozes…he wakes […]

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