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Malibu Moments

malibu moments x art

Amelie is a dark-haired, exotic beauty with big breasts and a big libido who is spending a few Malibu Moments with her guy friend on the carpet in their little bungalow as she curls up with him in front of the fire, getting wrapped in his arms before passionately kissing him and letting her hands […]

Carmen and Leila Christmas Vacation

X Art Christmas Vacation

X-art Carmen and X-art Leila decided to leave the cold behind and take a Christmas vacation together to the tropics, where they were able to strip down nude in the sun and relax as only two intimately close girlfriends can do! Soon the sight of each others nude body drove them so wild they just […]

Anneli Is A Dream Girl

Anneli Dream Girl

Hot blonde vixen Anneli is lying in bed in her white lingerie, thinking naughty thoughts and drifting off into dreams…suddenly the guy she was thinking about appears as if by magic, touching her in all the ways she wanted to be touched! Watch as she moans in pleasure while he licks her soft wet pussy, […]

New Romance

xart new romance baby

Baby and Jake are enjoying the lust and passion of a new romance in this beautiful X-art photoshoot, embracing without a care in the world for who might be watching or for the click of the cameras. Baby is incredibly gorgeous with her fresh innocent look, beautiful face and perfect pussy with labia spreading like […]

This Really Happened

scarlet jenna xart this really happened

I know it might be a little hard to trust your eyes when presented with an update this smoking hot but I assure you, this really happened! Scarlet and Jenna from X-art really did get together with their lucky scruffy guy friend and have a hot hardcore threesome on the bed, playing with toys and […]

Silvie in Burning

burning silvie on xart

Welcome to this amazing video update from X-art, which feels more like a feature film than a hardcore episode…this film is entitled Burning and stars one of the hottest girls on the site, Silvie, as a damsel in distress trapped in a car with a ticking timebomb! Her husband is trying desperately to save her, […]

Taste Me

taste me

Beautiful blonde Susie had that funny feeling between her thighs so she headed into the bedroom to find her man lying there waiting…she slipped out of her little white cutoff shorts and hopped up on the bed to get this sexy X Art update called Taste Me underway! Susie got her pussy licked and did […]

Leila and Anneli Menage A Trois

Leila and Anneli Menage A Trois

For those of you that don’t know what Menage A Trois means its French for threesome basically I won’t bore you with the exact translation. In this gallery you get to see the beautiful models Anneli and Leila having a super hot threesome! Leila is the lucky one who gets the creampie even though Anneli […]

Sneaking In

sneaking in xart angelica

Angelica and Ben are in a beautiful old hotel but it doesn’t seem like they’re checking in so much as sneaking in…the excitement of being somewhere forbidden washes over them and they give in to their passions, ripping off each others clothes in this hot X-art hardcore episode! Angelica takes his cock in her mouth, […]

Paint Me White

paint me white

Beautiful Caprice and her man were painting a room in their new house but you can’t just work all day long, all work and no play makes Caprice a dull girl! She’s in no way dull so you know she’s down for a little playtime once in awhile, and soon she went over to her […]

Elevated Erotica

x art elevated erotica

Beautiful Jenna Ross had been looking forward for a long time to meeting European stud Jake and finally on her trip to Brazil her time has finally come! And so, in short order, will Jake I would imagine…these two hit it off immediately, making out and letting their hands run over each others body before […]

Make Me Feel Beautiful


There is nothing in this world that a women loves more than feeling beautiful and sexy, so when Jessica was rubbing lotion onto her nude body and saw her boyfriend watching and being unable to take his eyes off her she just melted! X-art shows you the passion that arises when a woman is made […]

x-Art Connie – Lovers In Paradise


I really am enjoying these latest updates from as they’ve gotten girls with big breasts. I love big tits, I think they’re great. They add more motion to the scenes. It’s almost as if they are a more accurate seismograph for just exactly how hard they are fucking and how hard they are going […]

Made For Each Other

xart kylee made for each other

Kaylee and Kyle seem almost made for each other…even their names are similar, it’s like they were destined to become soulmates! They certainly seem to be already completely familiar with each others nude bodies in this X Art update as they undress outdoors and passionately kiss, Kyle sinking to his knees to gently finger and […]

x-Art Angie in VIP Lounge


Apparently you get something a whole lot better in the VIP Lounge over in Europe than you do here. This tube video and pic set are of the absolutely delicious teen Angie and some swinging dick with old school bleached eminem hair. I guess you can do whatever you want with your hair as long […]

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