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Connie in Romantic Memories

Romantic Memories with Connie

There’s nothing hotter than a passionate evening in front of the fire with the one you love or lust after, and X-art Connie knows that better than anyone! Join her and her man in this intimate fireside gallery entitled “Romantic Memories” as they get nude and let their passions overcome them, making love in all […]

Connie Beach Goddess

Beach Goddess X Art Connie

I don’t know what it is about beaches but they always bring out the sexy in a woman…in the case of X-art Connie she already has the sexy in full effect but man, taking a walk down the beach wearing just her bikini bottoms is really making her shine! She strips down out of those […]

How Deep Is My Love

X Art Connie How Deep Is My Love

Connie and her boyfriend are madly in love, and as we all know one of the best things about being crazy smitten is the constant sex! In this hot X-art gallery Connie and her guy take a nice sexy roll in the sheets together and invite you to have a front-row seat! This busty beauty […]

x-Art Connie – Lovers In Paradise


I really am enjoying these latest updates from as they’ve gotten girls with big breasts. I love big tits, I think they’re great. They add more motion to the scenes. It’s almost as if they are a more accurate seismograph for just exactly how hard they are fucking and how hard they are going […]

Play Me

Play Me X Art

Here is a video of Connie and her boyfriend having a little vacation sex. She is in the water looking hotter then hell I must say. she of course doesn’t swim with a top on, I wouldn’t either if I was a girl and had perfect tits like that. I would show them off as […]

Heart and Soul with Connie

heart and soul with connie

Connie and her boyfriend have been together for quite a long time but they’re lucky enough to still have that spark of passion…in fact the flames of desire have only grown stronger as the years go by and they find out more and more about each others bodies and minds until they can bring each […]

Dreamy Pleasure with Connie

Lay back and prepare to drift off into the dreamy pleasure of fantasy with curvy stunner Connie in a hot X-art photo gallery! This brunette goddess has an incredible body and the face of just pure beauty…watch as she shows you how she loves to move around and stretch out her glorious form, sometimes wearing […]

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