Cassie My Love

Cassie My Love

Say hello to Cassie in this solo update from X Art called Cassie My Love! She’s basically a newcomer to the site so you might want to consider this her introduction as she strips sensually out of her lingerie bodysuit, showing off her perfect perky boobies and that sexy ass, sitting down on an outdoor […]

Spoonful of Sugar

Spoonful of Sugar

Emilie and her boyfriend know that it’s important to a relationship to keep things spicy hot in the bedroom, and what better way than by introducing some new and exciting sexual positions? In this X Art photoshoot called Spoonful of Sugar this hot couple has a whole deck of sexual position cards and after shuffling […]

Find x-Art Caprice’s Inner Peace

x-Art Caprice is into Yoga, and I’d love to be into x-Art Caprice. So, does that make me into yoga? If the ends justify the means, then yes, yes I am into Yoga.

Caprice is 5 alarm bottle of hotness in this set produced by the genius minds at x-Art. She starts off doing yoga in a track suit that clearly gets too hot, so she peels it off layer by layer to reveal one of the hottest teen bodies I’ve ever seen. Perfect nubile tits that bounce with every step, an ass that you COULD bounce a quarter off of but once the quarter touched those lovely 19 year old cheeks, it’d probably never want to leave. Caprice then searches for her “inner peace” by sticking her fingers in her until she climaxes to a sexy masturbation orgasm. Bravo! Stay tunes for her lesbian adventures with x-Art Francesca and x-Art Tiffany as well as some hardcore videos that are sure to pitch your tent.

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Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage

Keira needed some deep relaxation and had a lot of sexual tension built up so she had resident expert Clover and her friend Jake get together to give her a Tantric Massage in this X Art update! Clover uses her hands to skillfully rub some oil into Keira’s skin and Jake finishes the job with […]

x-Art Tiffany Thompson Arrives

x-Art Tiffany is why you surf the internet. The hope and dream of running across the perfection that is Tiffany Thompson. The old scale of 1-10 on hotness need not apply because giving her a 10 would just be an insult. She has the perfect ass, firm bouncy 18 year old breasts, the eyes of innocence, the freckles of a corn fed country girl, and the smile that lets you know you’re going to give her whatever she wants.

I’ve been told by x-Art that Tiffany Thompson will not only be appearing in a lesbian video, but a hardcore sex video as well. x-Art, I officially grant you your wings, you may pass the pearly gates now.

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Bath time!

X-art Amanda and x-art Tasha just love stripping down and jumping nude into the tub together, as you can plainly see from this sexy set of photos…they just feel so dirty they always have to scrub up! I can’t say I blame them, though; I’m feeling a little dirty myself as I take a look at their perky little teen titties and perfect smooth round asses. I might have to take a cold shower of my own, Xart has done it again…these two absolutely beautiful girls are just so hot! All that’s missing is a rubber ducky for the perfect bathtime experience.
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A beautiful morning

Sometimes it can be tough to get up and get going in the morning, as we all know…petite blonde Xart stunner Francesca, though, knows that the best way to get going is to get off! Do your eyes a favor and let them slide their way across these incredibly hot photos of a beautiful young teen with perky little boobies and an ass that will get your jaw dirty from falling to the floor as she slides her hand down into her panties and slowly fingers her tight wet little pussy. The best part of waking up is Francesca’s little muff, only at X-art!
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Fun For Three

Fun For Three

When Angelica got a look at beautiful Heidi she knew she had to get a taste of that pussy and when her boyfriend Ben said basically the same thing she knew it was time to bring everyone together for a passionate night! This X Art update called Fun For Three features two of the hottest […]

x-Art Carmen Masturbates

Sexy teen Carmen poses for x-Art then heads over to the couch to relieve the sexual tension that arose from said shoot. Posing nude in front of all those people behind the camera and lights made her wet and ready to release. Her moist pussy begs for satisfaction the second she lays down and her fingers dive deep into her 19 year old desire. Shortly after finishing this scene, she calls for the stunt cock to finish her off. That hardcore video is available in the members area.
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x-Art Carmen Tube Video

Kaylee in I Love X Art

Kaylee loves X-art and X-art (not to mention the hordes of horny fans) loves her right back! She and her boyfriend are enjoying the day in their Madrid apartment, and if I was him and there was a girl as stunningly gorgeous as Kaylee prancing around in the bedroom in just her little panties like in this hot update I’d stay in all damn day too. She’s got long dark hair, a pair of downright perfect medium sized perky breasts and long gorgeous lean legs in addition to a raging libido that she only keeps in check with a frequent cock injection. She gets her medicine in this update as she grabs her guy’s dick and rides it, bouncing her firm little ass up and down as she fucks him facing forwards and backwards and on her hands and knees. The update is entitled I Love X-art and Kaylee is hot as blazes, so check it!

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x-Art Tube Video I Love X-art

Come To Me Now

Come To Me Now

Gorgeous brunette Naomi was busy licking and fingering the perfect pussy of The Red Fox in this hot X-art lesbian update when suddenly the stunning redhead shuddered in climax and then whispered ‘come to me now’! The two traded positions and soon it was Naomi who had her head thrown back in ecstasy as she […]

Anjelica in Out of This World

Forget about abducting a random farmer from his field and performing experiments, if I was an alien this is the kind of thing I’d have on my ship! Anjelica is suspended in midair in a glass case like it’s some sort of out of this world aquarium without water, and she’s busing rubbing her tight shaved pussy and masturbating as she clings to the surface of the glass. Anjelica is already almost unearthly beautiful and the fact that she looks like she’s hanging in midair on the glass like the sexiest chameleon ever just serves to increase her allure. X-art is always pushing the boundaries of hotness with creative, unique, and undeniably sexy updates like this!

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x-Art Tube Video out of this world

Baby in Afternoon Snack

Blonde cutie Baby and her boyfriend went out for lunch but decided to head back to the apartment for a little ‘afternoon snack’ if you catch my drift…Baby was hungry for a big load of cream in her mouth, and was ready to do whatever it took to get it! In this hot X-art update she sucks her boyfriend’s big dick, getting him super hard and then fucking him like crazy! He hung on as long as he could, but when she straddled him in a reverse cowgirl position and slid every inch inside her tight wet pussy he just couldn’t take it anymore. He just had to release his load and she was ready, sucking every drop as he came to finish off this hot update!

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x-Art Tube Video afternoon snack

Double Tease

Double Tease

With some girls the foreplay is just going through the motions and then the sex is just fulfilling an obligation or something…for little Caprice on the other hand it’s all for real and I’m surprised this couple even made it to the actual hardcore sex after foreplay like this! The scene is called Double Tease […]

Catching Up

Catching Up

It had been a little while since Jake and The Red Fox got together so they had some catching up to do, and in this X Art update they definitely bring each other up to speed pretty fast! Barely through the doorway of the hotel room they start passionately kissing, before Jake drops to his […]

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