Kaylee in I Love X Art

Kaylee loves X-art and X-art (not to mention the hordes of horny fans) loves her right back! She and her boyfriend are enjoying the day in their Madrid apartment, and if I was him and there was a girl as stunningly gorgeous as Kaylee prancing around in the bedroom in just her little panties like in this hot update I’d stay in all damn day too. She’s got long dark hair, a pair of downright perfect medium sized perky breasts and long gorgeous lean legs in addition to a raging libido that she only keeps in check with a frequent cock injection. She gets her medicine in this update as she grabs her guy’s dick and rides it, bouncing her firm little ass up and down as she fucks him facing forwards and backwards and on her hands and knees. The update is entitled I Love X-art and Kaylee is hot as blazes, so check it!

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Come To Me Now

Come To Me Now

Gorgeous brunette Naomi was busy licking and fingering the perfect pussy of The Red Fox in this hot X-art lesbian update when suddenly the stunning redhead shuddered in climax and then whispered ‘come to me now’! The two traded positions and soon it was Naomi who had her head thrown back in ecstasy as she […]

Anjelica in Out of This World

Forget about abducting a random farmer from his field and performing experiments, if I was an alien this is the kind of thing I’d have on my ship! Anjelica is suspended in midair in a glass case like it’s some sort of out of this world aquarium without water, and she’s busing rubbing her tight shaved pussy and masturbating as she clings to the surface of the glass. Anjelica is already almost unearthly beautiful and the fact that she looks like she’s hanging in midair on the glass like the sexiest chameleon ever just serves to increase her allure. X-art is always pushing the boundaries of hotness with creative, unique, and undeniably sexy updates like this!

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Baby in Afternoon Snack

Blonde cutie Baby and her boyfriend went out for lunch but decided to head back to the apartment for a little ‘afternoon snack’ if you catch my drift…Baby was hungry for a big load of cream in her mouth, and was ready to do whatever it took to get it! In this hot X-art update she sucks her boyfriend’s big dick, getting him super hard and then fucking him like crazy! He hung on as long as he could, but when she straddled him in a reverse cowgirl position and slid every inch inside her tight wet pussy he just couldn’t take it anymore. He just had to release his load and she was ready, sucking every drop as he came to finish off this hot update!

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Double Tease

Double Tease

With some girls the foreplay is just going through the motions and then the sex is just fulfilling an obligation or something…for little Caprice on the other hand it’s all for real and I’m surprised this couple even made it to the actual hardcore sex after foreplay like this! The scene is called Double Tease […]

Catching Up

Catching Up

It had been a little while since Jake and The Red Fox got together so they had some catching up to do, and in this X Art update they definitely bring each other up to speed pretty fast! Barely through the doorway of the hotel room they start passionately kissing, before Jake drops to his […]

Russian Connection

Russian Connection

Sexy Angelica and her man Ben share some quality time together in this X-art update entitled The Russian Connection as Angelica gives him a nice striptease to drive him nuts. Consider that mission accomplished because he dives tongue-first at her perfect ass, licking her from behind before penetrating that sweet tight pussy! These two share […]

Lonesome Without You

Lonesome Without You

When you’ve made a connection with someone and felt that chemistry whether it be sexual or otherwise, spending time apart can drive you a little crazy…that’s what was going on with Eufrat and Jessica in this X Art update entitled Lonesome Without You as these two gorgeous lesbians finally got back together! They start out […]

Caprice and Clover Enchanting Real Orgasms

I don’t know what Caprice and Clover were checking out on Clover’s phone but I guess it seriously turned them on, because they started cuddling up close and making out in this X-art lesbian update! Now, keep in mind these are two of the most incredibly gorgeous women in the world, and they’re stripping each other out of their tights and panties and bras and making out. If that isn’t enough, they start masturbating each other with a big vibrating wand and eating out each others pussies until they’ve both had mind shattering orgasms right there on the floor in their bedroom! This update is called Enchanting Real Orgasms and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you check out this sexy photo and video shoot.

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Addison in Circles of Bliss

When you’re spinning poi around having a good time at the pool and a beautiful woman swims up and shows you a pair of perfect breasts you don’t argue or delay, you just drop what you’re doing and hop in the pool! That’s exactly what Logan did in this X-art update entitled Circles of Bliss as he grabbed brunette stunner Addison, kissing her passionately as she swam up, water running down her bikini clad body along with his hands. He slipped a finger into her bottoms and found her pussy wet and horny so he slipped inside, fingering that hole until she came right then and there! Afterwards she returned the favor by grabbing his hard dick out of his swimming trunks, licking and sucking him until he lost control and just had to cum.

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Bespectacled Jake is already romantically involved but when he got a look at sexy blonde Casey that all went right out of his mind…after a few whispered conversations they decided to have a little rendezvous at his place! When she showed up and hopped up on his lap they could barely contain their lust, and […]

Kiera in Late for Work

If you’re anything like me you’ve been waiting and hoping for Kiera to perform in her first hardcore adult scene…well I’m more than pleased to tell you that it’s finally here! Kiera teamed up with Seth (who must be over the moon right about now) for this X-art update. Seth is going to be a little late for work but I think you can guess how broken up about that he is, since he’s running hand in hand with gorgeous Kiera and jumping onto the bed to passionately kiss and explore each others body with their fingers and tongues. Watch him gently tongue her pussy and clit as she closes her eyes in pleasure, nearly buzzing with sexual energy as she writhes on the bed! She sucks him hard with that beautiful mouth before he slides into her from the side, penetrating that pink treasure as they fuck all morning long. All spectacular things must cum to an end though, so eventually he pulls out and sprays a big load of cream all over her perfect body to round out this awesome update.

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Not Alone

Not Alone

At the beginning of this X-art update it seems like Kaylee is just relaxing on her own but it turns out she is definitely not alone…her man comes sliding up under the covers to give her sweet tight pussy a little talking to, licking and tongueing her clit to drive her wild with desire before […]

Bunny in Another Night

It’s not just another night for blonde spinner Bunny as she relaxes in bed in her lingerie, waiting for her man Logan to come to the bedroom…he’s got his book out but Bunny has other plans, kissing him passionately and stripping down nude to give him a hint as to what she’s got in mind! She gives him a great blowjob in this X-art update before swapping positions, holding his face to her pussy as he licked and tongued her clit until she was turned on like crazy and just had to take every inch of his big dick inside. She is a petite girl so it was quite a tight fit, but she was so horny she took everything he had and was ready for more! These two lovers fucked in bed in this passionate scene until he spilled his load all over her cute ass and shaved pussy.

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Angelica Spilled Milk

There’s no use crying over spilled milk as gorgeous Angelica is drenched with the stuff! She gets milk poured all over her perfect nude body and it turns her on so much she just has to have her boyfriend inside her. First though, he’s busy pleasuring her pussy with his fingers while licking her tight ass at the same time! This girl is traffic-stoppingly hot and in this X-art update she is putting her body to the test as she pushes her envelope of lust. If she has her pussy fucked any more by her boyfriend’s hard dick her head is going to explode with orgasmic joy! You might be spilling a little milk of your own by the time you’ve finished checking out this update.

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